Best thing about being a Radiology Technician

  I think the best part about choosing a career in radiology is the fulfilment that you get, that’s what it is for me, I really enjoy taking care of people, patients come in and they don’t know what they are going through and you have that one chance to them, to touch their shoulders the right way, to say the right things and you really touch them in a positive manner when they really feel like they need it most.

  Two best parts of my job, the first part would be the reward you get from helping a patient, you can see a patient come in horrible condition on day one from a bad car accident, motor cycle accident and you might see them on day thirty where you are doing a final X-ray to show that everything is healing properly and they are essentially healthy and leaving the hospital so you get the reward that you are a part of the team that helped that patient get to where they needed to be, to be healthy and happy again, second best part of my job is the day to day challenge, instead of just coming in and sitting at a desk or checking email, I come in, I might be in surgery within fifteen minutes helping the patient, doing the imaging for a doctor, help the patient get better right there on the operating table and I know my co-workers have probably seen that patient thirty minutes before in the trauma room and it’s neat to see that every day I have a challenge when I come in and every day I do make a difference.